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Monday, September 5, 2011

Shane's 1st birthday card

Hi every one here is a little Wiggle card I made for my grandson he will be turning 1 soon. i wanted to make the monkey wiggle so i attaqched a spring like coil i made with some wire. the monkey is a digital stamp i colored with some colored pencils and blended the color with mona lisa oderless solvent. i saw this on Stamp TV and wanted to give it a try.


  1. Love that monkey & the idea of using the coiled wire. What did you think of the solvent you used for blending?

  2. Hi Cheryl, this is the very first time i have ever tried blending i first tried to use baby oil that worked but made it a little smearing and smelled good to..i looked for Gemsol but could not find any but the Mona Lisa i thought worked just fine, i have some blending stumps on order i had used Q-tips