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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Craftroom and Flooring

Good afternoon every one it has been a while since i have been able to play in my craft room we have been doing some remodeling and we put down new hardwood flooring YAY i am so excited it will be so much easier to clean up the floors and so of course we had to paint the walls as we go so it now looks new and fresh. here is a pic of my crafting area.I still need to put my supplies back in order but most of it is in. we have to move stuff from room to room as we go so it is still a bit of a mess.LOL


  1. TFS: I always like to see how other crafters are carving out areas to use for their work and storage space. The floors and new wall paint will help you feel more vibrant as you work in the space. Environment does impact our psyches whether for learning, working, resting, hobbying, and so on. Enjoy your "new" space!

  2. Patti: Your area looks great, I would Love to have hard wood floors, my carpet is always dirty looking. I hope you enjoy your new space and create lots of great projects. TFS. Carol J